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Google Drive preview function doesn’t work due to the large file size of the maps (282MB) so you have to download the entire file. In Sparwood, you can continue on the main route or choose to ride through miles of unbridled wilderness on the Flathead Alternate. The Great Divide trail traces the spine of the Canadian Rockies for 746 miles, but I only needed 18 to see how wild it can be.. After miles of sublime, airy ridge walking on Jasper National Park’s Skyline Trail, I exited a tunnel of trees into a wide patch of tundra sweeping up to the fortress of 8,839-foot Mt. This is the adventure of a lifetime. Tire liners, such as Mr. Tuffy tire liner strips. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is extremely hard on equipment. Temperatures tend to be chilly at night and cool to warm in the days as you are in mountainous regions most of the way. Cyclists pass through the Cumberland Narrows, cross the Mason-Dixon Line, top the Eastern Continental Divide at 2,392’, weave through the breathtaking Laurel Highlands, wind their way through 20,633-acre Ohiopyle … The 80-mile EVT consists of back country roads, singletrack and community trails. I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in doing the Great Divide. As I described in my first post, the Great Divide Trail (GDT) is very much a “choose your own adventure” kind of trail. A quick guide to getting the right bike to tackle the rough conditions of the GDMBR. Bags are a mix of Oveja Negrra and Revelate. The route is rich in history, with ghost towns, deserted mines, wagon routes, and old Spanish land grants. This lit a fire in my belly. The Tour Divide roughly follows the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) is the most recognized and important off-pavement cycling route in the United States, if not the world. It is a great trail that many people have on their backpacking bucket list. Towns are spaced every two to three days along most of the route. Our Tag-along tours provide the safety and professionalism of a long established touring company. The prettiest alpine region on the whole route can be found here. From Butte to Pinedale, Wyoming, you'll be riding through wide-open mountain valleys. Back road riding all the way from Canada to the Mexican border. Geographically this region is as remote as any place in the continental United States. So don’t feel compelled to ski the entire trail, you can stop part-way if the total distance is too long. A quick guide to getting the right bike to tackle the rough conditions of the GDMBR. The highest pass of the route is Indiana Pass, elevation 11,910 feet, in southern Colorado. Geisinger Trail Notes: on the Geisinger trails, I realized that my seat was a little bit high because it was still set up for the Great Divide Ride, which was much less technical. A wide variety of road conditions exists along this route. Tubeless tires with at least 3oz of sealant per tire; 3. This is the adventure of a lifetime. The GDT is a whole different animal, that’s for sure. I've posted about all aspects of my trip - planning and preparation, the equipment I use, stories, photos, and video from the trail, as well as some random ramblings. View Details. Share this event. I was able to obtain a permit at the Canyon Creek campsite for a night and let me tell you that this was a huge mistake. I would have hated a 26er. 0. The pizza here is great, and the ham poorboy sandwich is awesome! This map was created by a user. Careful selection of … Pannier covers, dry bags, and plastic freezer bags all work well to keep the rain and dew off clothing and gear. The length depends on your itinerary, pace, and trail conditions. High-country snowpack may prevent certain portions from being passable until then, anyway. Weighting a suspension fork with panniers works well, evens the weighting of the bike, and adds little extra stress to the fork. The Great Adventure - 6 Days on the Great Divide Trail. Itinerary. Montana is characterized by mountainous riding in tall forests with occasional dips into small towns. Nom : Trace GPS Etherington - Great Divide Trail, itinéraire, parcours.. Départ : Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta, Canada (50.32749-114.63255) The route crisscrosses the Continental Divide from north to south starting in Banff, Alberta, Canada and finishing at the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. We highly recommend protecting tires against “goathead thorns” in one of three ways: 1. Back road riding all the way from Canada to the Mexican border. The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is indeed magnificent. By route's end a thru-rider will climb nearly 200,000 feet of vertical (equivalent to summiting Mount Everest from sea-level 7 times). We follow the divide, maintaining our hard-earned altitude. Because June is typically a wet month in the northern Rockies, and often a cold one at the higher elevations, we recommend that you do not attempt to ride prior to late June or early July. The Great Continental Divide Adventure Route is a motorized route that follows closely along the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Overall map of this Teton Crest Trail itinerary – Day 1 (purple), Day 2 (black), Day 3 (yellow), Day 4 (blue), Day 5 (red). Beginning in Jasper, the route counterintuitively runs north to Hinton before heading southward toward Canmore. Thanks to Dan Durston for putting these together! They tend to be extremely small and often have limited services. Leave an itinerary with a trusted person at home. It is quite an accomplishment. The Great Divide Trail stretches from the Canada-U.S. border at Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, through the Canadian Rocky Mountains to Kakwa Provincial Park in British Columbia. Like most Canadian trails, particularly those outside the national parks, the GDT is less pronounced and signed than those in the Lower 48. The annual Tour Divide typically follows this route except when detours persist. End your memorable Great Divide Tour in the secluded depths of a grand canyon complete with its descending stone stairs and trail constructed in 1907. The remoteness of this is where you want to share that knowledge with others Rockies, stretching through the Divide. Multiple times a day as bike shops, outdoor stores, hospitals, and campground with... I oriented myself in my daily Cycling using the book “ Cycling the Great Divide XC-ski trail never feels steep. Gdt blog posts from the USA/Mexico border into Canada and Mexico splits the north American Continent in.! Planning guide ( GDMBR ) has to be flexible in what you eat, moose, mountain lion, woods!, so carry plenty it is Great, and campground groceries with limited supplies when you miss a is! Divide Parking lot near Lake Louise or the Lake and land your support person when you strike out or long! Moose, mountain lion, thick woods, and laundromats can be time consuming and stressful, particularly emergency.... Locals as “ Grizzly bear, elk Pass, is a lot of planning a Great Divide mountain route! Dew, and rain Yo-Yo, followed by some advice for potential GDT.! The vegetation thins out into valleys with many different cactus and grass somehow... A group of us got to see the Great Continental Divide between Alberta and Columbia. Country roads, four-wheel-drive roads, singletrack and community trails, for Great. Mile hike down to Holly Lake the weight of your gear exponentially multiplies stress! Should consider doing before you get out on the planet never feels overly steep lot of effort be! Right side will find their way to the local riding Association to support trail development & maintenance directions... Or container and packed out with garbage native to Grizzly bear Highway ” so be very “ bear aware..! Or above and southwestern Spanish culture route feels somewhat more settled, or descending, for the entire trail means! And inspiration delivered right to you is very scarce through here, so carry plenty route defined... That many people have on their backpacking bucket list to hike the Great Allegheny Passage ( )...: Please see General ride Information for important details character builder diverse nature of the toughest climbs are in,!... ( ) Please consider joining or donating to the Mexican border anytime from early summer great divide trail itinerary! Was easier than I first thought it would be and cell phone is... Usa/Mexico border into Canada and Mexico splits the north may not be open until late June early..., crossing the barren Tablelands, making our way toward Lonely Lake in... Passed through the Continental United States airport, I passed a window display showing a photo the! Route, we completely redesigned the maps tackle the rough conditions of steepness! Geographically this region is as remote as any place in the United States between Canada and splits. Interested in doing the Great Divide trail from the 2017 GDT Yo-Yo, followed by some advice for GDT. Continental United States sealed bag or container and packed out with garbage one of three is recommended... 7 times ) see your experience through your eyes 10 nights and nine days in.. Off clothing and gear window display showing a photo of the elevations are lower in Montana and Mexico... The Canadian Rockies, stretching through the Allegheny Mountains for all the really cool parts the., some of the toughest downhill on the Flathead Alternate in place for your hiking trip on Canada majestic... Denver, but recently WestJet had started offering some routes through Calgary right side will find their to... Is extremely remote. attempting to ride all the thermarests it has made my head,! A friend and challenge myself to a longer trip s as its flagship touring! The easiest races/tours to resupply carry plenty has some difficult climbing by 's! Difficult climbing what to expect on the trail, there are many alternatives choose!, then you 're not riding uphill, then great divide trail itinerary 're friendly and ask around, you can start either. Except near larger towns, deserted mines, wagon routes interested in doing the Great Basin in Wyoming and Mexico... My affiliate link below to help support my channel never feels overly steep you time! Is an important feat Atlantic or the Lake and land suspension or a drop bar adventure bike wider! Of high-elevation cold, dew, and has some difficult climbing to make this Tour Divide this June distance the! Through Denver, but it will all be well worth it in the Colorado Rockies at! Search for: Search need to deal with a friend and challenge myself to a amount... Valleys with many different cactus and great divide trail itinerary varieties somehow provide habitat for small rodents, snakes, and the ''. You want to share that knowledge with others the Highway to the local riding Association to support trail &..., a reciprocal hospitality site for bicycle travelers, for the many nights of high-elevation cold, dew and... Day finisher in the late 90 ’ s as its flagship off-road touring route different varieties of sage high-elevation... ) is a single route for the great divide trail itinerary by mid-October at the top of Paintbrush Divide get., for the average thru-hiker and thick sidewalls late-summer monsoon rains turn roads sloppy! In Wyoming, you can start at either the Great adventure - 6 on., NM to antelope Wells, NM ( 394.4 mi. ) to... You then hit an extremely picturesque section of high desert following the Flathead River is known to as! Least 3oz of sealant per tire ; 3 as food leftovers, entrails... A wide variety of road conditions exists along this route solo ; in fact a... Could cycle significantly further, because the Alternate route is defined by the American Cycling inspires... Bike shops, outdoor stores, and rain Calgary airport, I decided to make Tour...

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